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Hi, my name is Ben Glasser (they/them)
       I am Musician, Lighting Designer, Crafts person, and Audio Engineer based in Boston.
       I have always wanted to open a music venue, and when I moved to Boston I was able to start making that dream a reality. I moved into a house in Allston and began turning my basement venue into what it is today. The initial renovations took about a year and a half, and once those were completed I began the process of adding my lighting rig and audio equipment. In April of 2022 I hosted and played in the first show in my basement, which was the birth of Monkey Palace. The lightning rig in its infancy had only LED strips, as of today my rig has forty-seven DMX controlled lights, and is still growing. I am always trying to find new ways to make my shows as beautifully lit as possible.

       My current lighting rig consists of four moving washes, six scanners, eight lasers, one effect light, twenty-six led pars, and two led bar lights.   I use lightkey with a Launchpad and an APC40 MKII for control. All lights have been collected over time, primarily from Craigslist and Facebook market. The audio rig was built in a similar fashion, and we currently run up to twenty-four inputs at a time, with full multitrack recording capabilities. Building these rigs from scratch has given me a deep understanding of the fundamental function of each stage element, and the ability to create art I envision in an extremely limited environment. 

       Over the course of under a year, our shows went from forty audience members, to consistently over 145 audience members every show. Monkey Palace has grown into one of the most popular basement venues in Boston, and I would love to be able to bring my experience of running a small house venue into a more professional work environment.

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